My Cartoon Portraits are flattering, no wrinkles or wobbly bits!

Clients feel safe while their best features are brought to life. Why not use your portrait as your social media picture! Fantastic as an icebreaker and creates bursts of laughter for any type of corporate event – award nights, conferences, end of year parties. Use it as a marketing tool for product launches, conferences, trade shows and workshops.

Digital Portraits
Caricature Portraits
Portraits on Canvas
Live Caricatures

Live Caricature at BSC Event

Live Caricatures

Bunker Cartoon Entry

Live Caricature Homebush

Live Caricatures

Bald Archy Entry – Baked Ego

Caricature Portraits, Portraits on Canvas

BAIADA Caricature Plate

Caricature Portraits, Digital Portraits