My Cartoon Portraits are flattering, no wrinkles or wobbly bits!


Clients feel safe while their best features are brought to life. Why not use your portrait as your social media picture!

Fantastic as an icebreaker and creates bursts of laughter for any type of corporate event – award nights, conferences, end of year parties.


A highly successful marketing tool to attract potential customers at product launches, conferences, trade shows and workshops. It's soft sales approach. Try it out on your next email campaign and add that special touch.

See Animated Portraits for that extra special touch.

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B&W On the Spot Caricature

Live Caricatures

Beards at Homebush

Live Caricatures

Live Caricature set up

Live Caricatures

Roses at

Live Caricatures

Dani in Action

Live Caricatures

Live Caricature at BSC Event

Live Caricatures

Live Caricature Homebush

Live Caricatures

Bald Archy Entry – Baked Ego

Caricature Portraits, Portraits on Canvas

BAIADA Caricature Plate

Caricature Portraits, Digital Portraits
Here's a video of me in action. This video was created by the very talented Angus from Angus Beef Media. @angus_beef_media Vicki from Lets Get Going asked me to draw live caricatures of the crew before their big presentation night. Each crew member received an individual portrait with a super hero theme. I didn't realise this video had so much of me and was going to be shown on a large screen on the night! Let's Get Going is a non-profit mentor and experience program. They aspire to promote the health and well being of adults from the age of 18 years old with an intellectual or physical challenge. @letsgetgoing2020