For Corporate Events, Conferences, Forums, Training and Meetings

Quick cartoon style illustrations/ storyboards are created on paper, board or digitally during events.

Often called Visual Facilition or Graphic Facilitation. Visuals are a great way to capture ideas and help develop ideas. These snapshots are a powerful tool that activates our emotional and logical senses. It also brings key messages to life in a fun and memorable way which works well with serious content.

Content is taken from key notes at presentations and discussions held in presentations or sessions. Images can be created on A3 paper, large roll of paper or A1 boards. These images engage delegates and encourage further discussion.

Digital option is available using an ipad or laptop and images can be streamed live to TV or screen.

More detailed and polished Illustrations can be created for post event material. Formats depend on final usage but are usually JPG, PNG or vector.

Graphic Recording

Graphic Recording at JD Horizons

Graphic Recording