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CCA Michelle Character Designs

Character Design, Digital Illustration, Illustration, Vector Illustration, Video Scribing

CCA Character Designs – Mikey

Character Design, Digital Illustration, Vector Illustration, Video Scribing

Bunker Gallery Entry – Evolution

Cartoon, Comic Art, Digital Illustration

FB Banner Design – Polly’s Club

Character Design, Digital Illustration, Graphic Design, Illustration, Portraits on Canvas, Print Design, Web Graphic, Web Illustration

Social Vs Social Media

Bunker Cartoon, Cartoon, Comic Art, Digital Illustration, Exhibition, Illustration

Scared Fish

Cartoon, Character Design, Comic Art, Digital Illustration, Illustration

Hoyts Video Storyboard Scene

Digital Illustration, Storyboards

Digital Storyboard

Digital Illustration, Digital Storyboard, Storyboards

LWB – Aboriginal History

Digital Illustration, Digital Scribing, Graphic Recording, Live Digital Scribing, Live Scribing, Visual Facilitation

Live Scribing – Idea

Digital Illustration, Graphic Recording, Illustration, Live Scribing, Visual Facilitation
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