A World of Illustration, Design and Animations

Dani Vittz specializes in Animations, Caricatures, Character Development, Concept Art, Digital Illustrations, Live Graphic Recording and Video Scribing

For over 25 years Dani’s wonderful creations have activated brands, been advertised in magazines, wrapped packaging, added humour to plain products, hung on walls, been gorgeous portraits on social media, launched hundreds of products, made you think about colour, made you think, saved reputations, been an ice breaker at corporate events and made you laugh out loud!

Check out Dani's folio full of creative Corporate Illustrations, Animated Illustrations, Cheeky Cartoons that make you giggle, interesting Character Designs that come to life, Hand Crafted Scribing for Corporate Videos, pretty Pattern Designs, some jazzy Logos, really funny Caricatures and even colourful Paintings on Canvas. Dani will brainstorm with you to make your next story stand out.