Digital, Vector or Hand Drawn


Vector Illustrations

Vector Poster - Where's Wally style
Illustration for the office of the Prime Minister
Illustration for the office of the Prime Minister
Stock Library
Pile of Easter Eggs
A hand holding a burning candle
Safety vision poster
Vector Illustration for poster
Vector Illustration for poster
What's Next?
Stock Library vector image
Wrapping paper heart design
Blue world burning, melting

Digital Illustrations

Virus scaring people
Blue Dog
A dragon breathing gold fire
IBT Flyer back side
IBT Netsuite Video Scene
Cornerstone InfoArchive character
Earth Picking Off Sick Humans
Pen Underwriting - Xmas card
Sick Water Tank
Animation snippet
A cartoon illustration of a boom cloud
Fun Illustration for PowerPoint presentation

Character Design

Raymond the ram - character
Young male character
Circus Polar Bear
Character demonstrating best handling practices
Indian Bus Driver character
Character development for video
CCA Michelle character
Male Bus Driver character
Character design various

Graphic Recording

Live Scribing at corporate event
Live Scribing at corporate event
Live Scribing - chalk on a red wall
MP-Paul-full illustration
hand drawn images from presentations
Markers on large paper & easel
Generic half day paper on whiteboard

Stock Library Images

Call us graphic
Panic Button!!!!!
What's your elephant in the room?
Work from home illustration
Male working from home image
Illustration working from home office
What next?
Hand to heart to hand