Digital, Vector or Hand Drawn


The POWER of visuals

Use illustrations and visual to tell your story. Enhance your social media posts, marketing, print material, presentations, books and videos. 

Present your company strategic planning with illustrated visions. Visuals crunch complex information into digestible parts that instantly tell your story. It’s fun, informative and great for team building. 

Digital, Vector or Hand Drawn. Social media marketing, print material, presentations, books and more.

The variety of digital brushes on apps include watercolour, charcoal and even chalk on blackboard!

Digital Illustration

Available as Vector artwork (PDF) and pixel format (JPG, PNG). The variety of digital brushes include watercolour, charcoal, markers and even chalk on blackboard! 

Vector Graphics

Vector Art is …clean, crisp and can be scaled infinitely. You can change the size without losing any quality of the design. Great for company posters, logos, infographics, icons, web graphics, diagrams and graphs.

No blurry images and it’s perfect for all your large media – street banners, flags, marquees, posters, T-shirts and more.

Hand Crafted

If you prefer a Hand Drawn look, I can create these for you either in digital format, on paper/canvas or boards. 

Rams Home Loans Christmas Card design
Woman's Weekly editorial Illustration
Wedding panel in acrylic on large board

Character Design

Let’s face it

Bold or Cute…they DEMAND ATTENTION!!!!!

Use characters or brand mascots to create a personal connection between your audience and your product or service. From cute, to serious. It’s not limited to comics or video games; characters can be used to walk your viewers through an explainer video or a social media advertising campaign.

 Uses – animated videos, advertising, corporate representative, brand mascot, product launches, marketing campaign or spice up an existing video. See more samples.

Bus driver character for video series
Westmead Hospital video
Pitch to Commonwealth Visa

Stock Library Images

I regularly upload images and videos to Stock companies that can help build your library. Choose one of the below to see my portfolios.
Can’t find anything?…contact me to get your custom made graphic.

Flyer designed as promotion for disco event